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Projects / CHP and sludge drying plant

CHP and sludge drying plant cover photo


CHP and sludge drying plant

CHP stands for Combined Heating and Power. This technology is used to produce both heating and power from the same primary energy source. The process minimises losses and makes the best use of heat which would otherwise be wasted and discharged through the atmosphere. CHP can achieve efficiencies of over 80 percent, compared to 50 percent for typical technologies.

The project

Efforce allows its community of contributors to fund an EEP for an undisclosed company consisting in a CHP which will provide around 60% of the electric power needed by a sewage treatment plant and heat to a sludge drying plant used to reduce by almost 80% the weight of the sludge to be disposed. A low temperature dryer has been selected in order to have the lowest possible management costs making the plant as a whole generating more energy than the one consumed. Dried sewage has high calorific value and can be reused in the form of pellets.

Implementation price

475,000 USD

Implementation period

6-12 months

Project duration after implementation

5 years/60 months

Expected returns


Expected rewards

665,000 mWOZ

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NFT price

190 USDC

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