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Projects / CCHP plant 180 kwe

CCHP plant 180 kwe cover photo


CCHP plant 180 kwe

CCHP plant 180 kwe

CCHP stands for Combined Cooling Heating and Power, it’s considered an extension to CHP systems (Combined Heating and Power) which are used to produce both heating and power from the same primary energy source. CCHP extends this concept to the generation of cooled water or air. CHP systems are limited in their use in energy efficiency since they produce energy and heat at the same time and an efficient system should be able to continuously use them. This is not always the case (e.g. during summer the heat often needs to be dissipated making the system not efficient enough). CCHP systems use heat to generate cooling energy through an absorption refrigeration cycle helping to reduce the consumption needed for air conditioning.

The project

Efforce allows its community of contributors to fund a 180kwe CCHP plant located in the headquarter of an undisclosed company designed to work over 8,000 hours/year, covering the cooling needs of the production cycle (or, alternatively, covering part of the plant's summer and winter air conditioning needs) and self-produce around 1.4 GWh/year of electricity.

Implementation price

525,000 USD

Implementation period

6-12 months

Project duration after implementation

5 years/60 months

Expected returns


Expected rewards

735,000 mWOZ

Available NFTs to mint:


NFT price

210 USDC

WOZX to lock for each mint