WOZX Price
$1.88 1.82%
Market Cap
Circulating Supply
80,028,984 / 1,000,000,000

EFFORCE Genesis Pool

Start contributing in the EFFORCE Genesis Pool from 20/03/2021 till 30/04/2021 and create MegaWOZ by staking your WOZX.
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Global Overview

Global Contribution - Balance

599,127.22 USDT

Global amount

Energy Saved - MWOZ

0.0000 MWOZ

Total amount

Avoided CO2 Emissions

0.0000 Tons

Global amount

Future Avoided CO2 Emissions

2,501.9096 Tons

Global amount

Future MWOZ

6,474,513.0608 MWOZ

Total amount
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