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Genesis Update

It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful completion of our Efforce Genesis pool. We have received a total contribution of $ 648,000 from the community over the past month of activity.
During the course of Q2 2022, with the release of Beta V1.1, Efforce will publicly begin tracking progress of its first pipeline in order to keep all contributors up to date.
Thanks to all those who participated during this phase. Stay tuned for the next release and the launch of our next Pools.

Global Overview

Global Contribution - Balance

649,503.71 USDT

Global amount

Energy Saved - MWOZ

3,591.1450 MWOZ

Total amount

Avoided CO2 Emissions

1,387.7059 Tons

Global amount

Future Avoided CO2 Emissions

1,324.5721 Tons

Global amount

Future MWOZ

3,427.7655 MWOZ

Total amount
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