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  • Who are you guys?

  • What is Efforce ?

  • Is it a Crowdfunding platform ?

  • Is this similar to other Energy Tokens focusing on "Green" and Renewables?

  • I'm not sure I understand, could you please give an example?

  • Is this really feasible?

  • Where can we find independent research to validate the claims ?

  • Why use Blockchain ?

  • How large is this market ?

  • Did you launch an ICO ?

  • What is the official Contract Address?

  • Why did you choose to sell 45% of your token supply in two rounds of private placement?

  • How is the remaining 55% distributed and vested?

  • What is a MWOZ (MegaWOZ) ?

  • What can I do with my WOZX? Can you please explain the Utility of the token ?

  • What is the Reward system based on ?

  • Will you list on larger exchanges ?

  • Will I be able to offset any energy bill ?

  • Will I be able to trade my MWOZ ?

  • Who should I contact in case of issues with the platform ?

  • Can I stake my WOXZ without contributing to energy efficiency projects ?

  • What is the lifecycle of an EFFORCE Pool ?

  • How long will the implementation phase last?